Stretch Of The Week

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As Promised this weeks Stretch is for the Soleus (the muscle leading to the Achilles Tendon). For Achilles Tendonitis first Straight leg calf stretch then this one.

Calf Bent Leg Stretch: Soleus

  • Always perform this stretch after the straight leg calf stretch, the gastrocnemius must always be stretched before the soleus (bent leg stretch) as it’s the more powerful muscle.
  • Stand this time with your right knee slightly bent heel pushed down into ground. This time stretch will be felt at bottom of calf (soleus).
  • Progression: Stand in front of a low step. Forefoot on the step, heel on the ground, perform bent leg stretch in this position.

For more strengthening advice on Achilles Tendonitis go to the blog page on my Personal Training Site

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