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Tim Doyle is a Sports Massage Therapist (and Personal Trainer) based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Qualified as a Level 3 Sports Masseur, Level 3 Swedish Masseur plus Level 2 Gym Instructor  and Level 3 Personal Trainer, . He’s been a Sports Masseur for 7 years and a PT for 10 years.

Tim  has a massage studio in Juniper Green and has a travelling table to anywhere within a 20 minute drive.

He is also an author having  published a self help exercise book ,                  ‘Ageing Fitness: A plan for everyone over 45’

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Last year he also published a self help book dealing with running injuries: ‘Running Injuries : A Joint Approach.’

Both are available through Amazon by clicking on the images

Tim trained to be a sports injury masseur because he saw how many people stopped running, because of injury, who didn’t need to. A lot of sports injuries can be treated with simple massage (including exercises and techniques you can practise yourself.

Sports Massage can also be used to treat non sports muscular problems such as lower and upper back, shoulder, hip and leg pain.

Since Tim started running nearly 40 years ago, he’s run about 70 marathons. He now confines himself to certain hill races such as the Carnethy 5 and Ben Nevis Hill Races, and certain Ultramarathons, The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, The LDWA 100 miler and Highland Fling 53 miler. He’s also worked his way through the Munros (Hills in Scotland over 3000ft) he has climbed them all and has started climbing them again. His goal was once to run the 211 mile Southern Upland Way in one go, in 1999 he achieved it and doesn’t want to do anything like it again. He’s always been passionate about health and fitness and decided to make his passion his career and become a Sports Masseur and Personal Trainer.