Stretch Of The Week

Foam Role Your Glutes (yes its a Foam Roll of the week this week)

With the foam roller resting underneath both your glutes, bring your right leg up and rest your right ankle above your left knee.  Roll slightly onto the side of your right hip, roll your right glute.  Swap position and roll your left leg.

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Stretch Of The Week

As Promised this weeks Stretch is for the Soleus (the muscle leading to the Achilles Tendon). For Achilles Tendonitis first Straight leg calf stretch then this one.

Calf Bent Leg Stretch: Soleus

  • Always perform this stretch after the straight leg calf stretch, the gastrocnemius must always be stretched before the soleus (bent leg stretch) as it’s the more powerful muscle.
  • Stand this time with your right knee slightly bent heel pushed down into ground. This time stretch will be felt at bottom of calf (soleus).
  • Progression: Stand in front of a low step. Forefoot on the step, heel on the ground, perform bent leg stretch in this position.

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Stretching Exercise

This is one of the stretches if you’re having Achilles Tendon issues. It loosens off the stronger Gastrocnemicus calf muscle. Next weeks stretch will loosen off the Soleus the deeper calf muscle.

Calf Straight Leg Stretch: Gastronemicus

  • Place your hands against a wall (or tree, if you are outside) at shoulder height.
  • Push your right leg out behind you, so that your ankle is fully extended, no bend in the knee (heel still pushed hard into the floor). You will feel the stretch in the top part of calf of the rear leg (gastrocnemius muscle).

The Strengthening Exercise to go with this (as part of the Alfredson Protocol, the only way to beat Achilles Tendinitis) is on my Personal Training page

Stretch Of The Week


Bend your right arm above your right shoulder, use your left arm to push your right elbow backwards towards your shoulder. The stretch should be felt in the underside of your upper right arm. I’m going to alternate between upper and lower body for the first few weeks.

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